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The view from the airport

Yet another government commission, this time to decide the future of London’s airport expansion programme. A number of airports are jostling for position with proposals and plans. Architects have been wading into the argument. Norman Foster prefers the Isle of Grain site, as he has designed it. Terry Farrell prefers Gatwick, he designed that. Ken Shuttleworth is rather fond of Stansted, he designed this one.

I am really not sure what is the best option for airport expansion and I am not ready to read through all of the politicised reports to try and extract a non-biased argument.

However, I will say that the journey from Stansted Airport by car or taxi to London is, I think, the most interesting. The moment that the City and Canary Wharf appear on the horizon is wonderful. As a proud Londoner it is how I would like a visitor to see our city for the first time. Is this a relevant factor? Almost certainly not.

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